品牌故事:ESTE源自意大利,欧洲文艺复兴运动的发祥地佛罗伦萨Firenze,传承创始人 Giuseppe Sardone先生家族两代手艺人对家具设计及制作的独韵,延续其精简设计,精良材质。当然在其产品风格的严谨和简练中,Este同时也迷承了意大利人的温和与浪漫。

2018携手沉淀积攒二十多年历史的中国深圳 Meitien家具集团,与其年轻活力的设计师团队联合打造出“ESTE引意”高级定制家居,一同设计研发专业的起居室与卧室,厨房组合家具。凭借专业的行业积淀,配合不断成长的先进技术及产业能力,与国际顶尖材料配套品牌BLUM、Salice、Cleaf、 Pfleiderer、Avic强强合作。


ESTE|引意隶属于深圳美廷家居集团,美廷成立于1999年,坐落于有着“设计之都、创新之都”的深圳市龙岗区,多年来以其长远的战略规划和务实稳健的步伐,成为中国家具行业一家集设计、研发、生产、销售于一体的大型高档家居集团化企业。 美廷集团现任深圳市家具行业协会理事会监事单位,其产品畅销全国各大城市,并远销欧美、东南亚、港台等地区,深受消费者赞誉。深圳工业园占地面积20万平方米,产品旗舰展厅面积20000平方米,来自国内外专业家具设计师、工程师等从业人员共计1000余人,将家居文化与产品艺术的最佳结合点,在材料、设计、品质、服务等领域完美融合。 公司坚持信誉至上的原则,以质量求生存为经营理念,为顾客提供更优质的产品是美廷旗下品牌的共同目标。

In 2018, Italy ESTE and China Shenzhen Meitien Group jointly promote to create more aesthetic space for Chinese market. ESTE belongs to Shenzhen Meitien Group. Founded in 1999, Meitien is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, which is the "City of Design and Innovation". Over the years, with its long-term strategic planning and steady pace, Meitien has become a large-scale, high-end household enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales in China furniture industry. Meitien is the supervisor of Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association Council. Its products are sold well in major cities throughout China, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions. The products are highly praised by customers. Shenzhen Industrial Park covers an area of 200,000 square meters, and the flagship exhibition hall covers 20,000 square meters. There are more than 1000 professional furniture designers and engineers from home and abroad. Meitien applies the best combination of home culture and art of product to the fields of materials, design, quality and service. Meitien adheres to the principle of “reputation first” and the business philosophy of “quality for survival”. To provide customers with better quality products is the common goal of all brands of Meitien.


ESTE引意产品设计师团队全球选材,整合了意大利cleaf、salice、奥地利bum、德国 pfleiderer、西班牙 inalcol以及中国20年顶级皮艺 free space自由空间等;欧洲的研发中心设立于文艺复兴运动的发祥地 Firenze佛罗伦萨,中国的设计中心坐落在设计之都深圳,在国际化、多元化、专业化研发团队的不断创新下,为每一位用户带来独一无二的居家生活体验。

The design team of ESTE YINYI choose materials from all around the world, integrating the advantage from the brands: cleaf and salice from Italy, bulm from Austria, pfleiderer from Germany, inalco from Spain, and top leather brand free space from China. We have two R&D centers, one in Europe, located in Firenze Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance movement, the other one in Shenzhen, the design capital of China. With the constantly innovation from the international, diversified and professional R& D team, it brings unique household experience to every user.


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